How to make Remote Control Chopper-Man by cardboard

How to make amazing Remote Control Chopper-Man

Let’s see how to make a mini Chopper-man or just cardboard in this first and very easy way with thrown materials and cardboard at home and what materials are needed to make it.

You can buy online using the amazon app to get all equipment

  1. Bo DC motors
  2. connecting wire
  3. 12 volt motor controller circuit
  4. 9 volt battery
  5. battery connector
  6. Bicycle spokes
  7. Use a throw pen
  8. Cardboard
  9. The glue stick
  10. The Glue Machine
  11. DC motor controller

How to make amazing Chopper-Man or cutlery projects in a very easy way with discarded materials and cardboard.

First watch this video in its entirety and order the materials we have used in this video. Or buy switches, 9 volt batteries, cardboard, Bo DC motors, DC motor controllers, connectors, cylinders, spoilers from your local market , battery connectors, glugan machines, glue sticks, plastic wheels, and so on.

This extraordinary mini Chopper-man made of cardboard or wooden stick project is an attractive toy for kids and adults. Use unnecessary household materials and cardboard to make kids school projects can use amazing extraordinary mini carts.


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