How To make Amazing Robotic Toy By DC Motor

What can’t people do if they try.We are one of all human beings. I’ve seen a lot of robotic toys. Watch on TV or in the pictures how to make an amazing robotic toy car with just cardboard, DC motor and battery. The most amazing thing is that the wheels or legs that are made in this robotic toy for walking or moving forward are absolutely amazing. Let’s take a look at the robotic toy.

Welcome to the Creativity Topper. Today we will show and teach you how to build a beautiful robotic toy car with small thoughts and intelligence. Hopefully you are the first to see this robotic toy. What we have seen on TV or in movies so far. So guys today first of all on youtube I am going to show you how to make a robotic toy car in an extraordinarily easy way with homemade shoe boxes, clothes boxes, biscuit boxes, and some homemade ingredients.

These videos are made to discover something new with some of the tools we have given up in our marriage life. How to learn small arts. Today we are going to show you how to make small robotic cars or household or room decorations by reusing nothing that is wasted.

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Let’s see how to make robotic toy cars through perfect work in this first and very easy way with discarded materials, cardboard, DC motors, batteries and what materials are needed to make them.

You can buy online using the amazon app to get all the equipment that is given here very easily.

  1. Bo DC motors
  2. Its for connecting
  3. 12 volt motor controller circuit
  4. 9 volt battery
  5. battery connector
  6. Bicycle spokes
  7. Use a throw pen
  8. Mini switch
  9. Cardboard
  10. cardboard wheels
  11. Plastic balls
  12. The glue stick
  13. The Glue Machine

DC motor controller How to make robotic toy toy cars in a very easy way with cardboard, DC motor, battery, motor controller, pen, discarded materials at home. First watch this video completely and order the equipment we used in this video. Or buy mini switch, 9 volt battery, cardboard, Bo DC motor, DC motor controller, connector, speaker, connector , pens, battery connectors, glugun machines, glue sticks, cardboard wheels collect from your local market .

This extraordinary and beautiful robotic toy toy car is an attractive toy car for kids. Kids can use amazing extraordinary mini robotic toy toy cars for making school projects using unnecessary household materials and cardboard , dc motors, batteries, pens, bicycle spokes.

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