Make amazing Remote Control Bolero pikup Car BY cardboard

We have seen a lot of pickup trucks, small or large, on TV or in pictures. Let’s take a look at how this Bolero pickup truck can be thrown into a very small sized car in a very simple way with just cardboard.

Welcome to the Creativity Topper. Today we will show and teach you the Bolero Pickup cars that we have seen or used for our own work or the cars that we have seen on TV or in pictures that take before our eyes every day. One of them is a very small Bolero pickup truck.

So guys today first of all on youtube I am going to show you how to make homemade shoe boxes, clothes boxes, biscuit boxes, and I will make them in an extraordinarily easy way with just cardboard.

These videos are made to discover something new with the things we have thrown a Let’s see how to make a mini toy bolero pickup truck through perfect work in this first and very easy way with materials and cardboard at home and what materials are needed to make it.

You can buy online using the amazon app to get all the equipment that is given here very easily.

  • Bo DC motors
  • Its for connecting
  • 12 volt motor controller circuit
  • 9 volt battery
  • battery connector
  • Bicycle spokes
  • Use a throw pen
  • Cardboard
  • Change over switch
  • The glue stick
  • The Glue Machine
  • DC motor controller
  • DC LED lights

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