How To Make Amazing Remote Control Car With Cardboard at home

Welcome to Creativity Topper, today I will learn you How To Make an Amazing Remote Control Car With Cardboard at home. Instead of making a simple remote control car at home, this time I thought to make a Remote Control car using cardboard.

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What materials are used to make a remote control car from cardboard

All the materials you can buy from the amazon shopping app for easily available

  • High rpm DC motor.
  • Li-Ion Battery.
  • Switch.
  • Ice cream Stick.
  • Hot Glue Gun.
  • Plastic Wheel.
  • Stationary Knife.
  • Cardboard.

How to Make a Remote Control Car With Cardboard

First Watch the Video, and order the parts I, am using in this video. You can get from the Local Store: Cardboard, wooden sticks, tape, Toothpick, Rx & Tx Circuit board, and connecting wires.

Remote control cars have always been popular and fascinating toys for kids. using cardboard. You can use this Amazing DIY Remote Control Car for kids and school projects.

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