How to make Mini powerful Generator by cardboard at home

Welcome to Creativity Topper Channel. I have seen many real generators in front of my eyes. I thought, can you make a power full mini generator with only cardboard? Today I am going to teach you how to make an amazing power full mini generator with only cardboard, DC motor, battery and switch.

I have seen a lot of generators, let’s see how to make a wonderful mini generator at home with just cardboard.

From these videos we can highlight small discoveries. We can serve new ideas and art to you. School projects, science can be easily made by myself. Using discarded objects, I can create paintings with my own new ideas. Thank you for watching the full video.
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Below are the materials needed to make a very easy mini generator out of cardboard.

You can buy these materials from the local market of your place. Or you can buy them from the Amazon app in a very easy way.

1. High speed DC motor
2. LED light switch
4.Rubber Girder
5.Pen refill
6. PVC wheels
7. wire to connect
8.color, cotton
10.fevicol glue
11.Bicycle spokes

Let’s see how to make a powerful mini generator with only cardboard.
First you watch the full video. Then buy the ingredients I used in this video online or bring them from your local market. Cardboard, 3pcs DC motor, connecting wire, LED light, girder, pen refill, switch, paint and brush, PVC wheel.

The awesome mini generator you saw is a popular toy or project for kids or adults or everyone. Using only cardboard, this project or mini generator can be used as a school project for all kids.

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