How To Make Amazing three Wheel Toy Car by Dc motor at home

How to make an amazing three-wheeled kids toy car at home with a DC motor, battery, and plastic wheels.

Welcome to Creativity Topper, today I will teach you how to make an amazing three wheeler mini toy car with some materials lying around the house and a DC motor, battery, ice cream stick. I went to the market to buy a small car, the price of small toy cars was so high that when I came home, I decided not to buy the car from the market again. Instead of buying a car, let’s make a toy car with some unnecessary household materials and DC motors, batteries, ice cream sticks, and water bottle caps in an amazingly cool and very simple way of three wheels.

These videos teach science projects, DIY inventions.

  1. Bow DC motor.
  2. Li-ion battery.
  3. Switch
  4. Ice cream stick.
  5. Hot glue gun.
  6. Plastic wheels.
  7. Battery connector
  8. DC motor controller
  9. Water bottle cap
  10. Bicycle spokes

how to make a car with DC motor, plastic wheel, battery.

Watch the full video first, and order the materials I use in this video. Or you can get from local market: DC motor, ice cream stick, water bottle cap, DC motor controller, tape, toothpick, Rx and Tx circuit board and connecting wire.

This amazing three wheeler is always a popular and interesting toy for kids. Bow uses DC motor, DC motor controller, battery, water bottle cap, plastic wheel. You can use this amazing DIY three wheeler mini toy car for kids and school projects. Thanks for visiti…


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