How to make Kolkata Tram car by cardboard .

Welcome to Creativity Topper. Today I will show you and teach you the traditional tram car of Kolkata, which we have seen on TV or seen in movies. So friends, today I am going to show you first of all on YouTube shoe boxes, clothes boxes, biscuit boxes lying at home, and I will show you how to make them in an extremely easy way using only cardboard.

We have seen a lot of Kolkata trams, watch them on TV or in movies, let’s see how to make a Kolkata tram car with only cardboard.

These videos are created to invent something new with the discarded objects of our everyday life. How to learn small arts. Today I am going to show you how to make household or room decoration by reusing something that is wasted.

Thank you very much for watching this mini tram
Let’s see how to make a perfect working mini tram car in this very first and very easy way at home with discarded materials and cardboard and what materials are needed to make it.

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  1. Bow DC motor
  2. Wire to connect
  3. 12 volt motor controller circuit
  4. 9 volt battery
  5. Battery connector
  6. Bicycle spokes
  7. Use a throw pen
  8. Mini switch
  9. cardboard
  10. Plastic wheels
  11. Aluminum truck floor
  12. plastic ball
  13. Change over switch
  14. Glue stick
  15. Glue machine
  16. DC motor controller
  17. DC LED light

How to make an amazing Kolkata mini tram car in a very easy way with household waste materials and cardboard.


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